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The love and passion of Rossi Luke for flowers and plants and the endless ways to express creativity with flowers is why Florium stands out among most florists in this part of the world.


In 2005 Rossi Luke opened FLORIUM in Pueblo Nuevo, Sotogrande. The vision was to provide something more than just a flower shop. In 2007 Rossi teamed up with her sister Oonagh expanding the shop into an emporium of original flowers and gifts.

We Build to Order With Only the Freshest Flowers

We constantly rejoice in the new seasons and the surprising diversity of flowers, buds, foliage, sticks, stems, roots and other organic wonders that can inspire us to sculpture, arrange and manipulate spellbinding creations.

We work all year round with a large staff of women of different nationalities in a busy and happy environment, scented and tinted in bright and heady surroundings.


Known for our warm and friendly attention, we have welcoming and inviting premesis.

From the large and oppulent arrangements to simply placing a few stems in a jug – everything we do is done with an insight of the individual customer.

We understand everyone has a different take on flowers and what is suited to their house, to the occassion or the person they are presenting them to.

Walk in, buy a few individual flower stems, have a chat with us. We always have an interesting array of foliage and very unusual flowers as well as simple everyday buds that are always in season. Exotic, or wild. Some of the more unusual ones are imported, but we do try to buy local products as much as possible for obvious reason, although what we do buy from Ecuador, Columbia and other countries is FAIR TRADE.

Since 2005

FLORIUM SOTOGRANDE has been a family run flower shop in Sotogrande southern Spain for the last 15 years.

Our love for flowers nature and art brought us here.


Why Choose Us

15 Years of Experience

The Florium Team has more than 15 years of experience creating unforgettable moments and places thanks to its passion for nature and flowers.

100% Customer Satisfaction

At Florium we love what we do and our customers feel the love in every single one of their orders and requests.

Local Products

All Florium products and tools to create our final bouquets …  come from local businesses. We care about our community and trust local stores to provide us.

Custom Everything

At Florium Sotogrande we make sure that each order is special and we personalized everything to the taste of each of our customers.

Fare Trade

Florium Sotogrande aims to protect and benefit workers on flowers farms and therefor we work with certified businesses that ensure decent working conditions for all their employees  along with protecting workers’ rights.

We Deliver

Florium Sotogrande will send the orders to any local area in the surroundings of Sotogrande and Campo de Gibraltar.

Our Florists

The love and passion of Rossi and her team for nature and the endless ways of expressing their creativity with flowers and plants are the main reason why Florium stands out among most florists in this part of the world, Sotogrande, Spain.


A.K.A. Scary Spice. The face of an angel but don’t mess with this one. Patri is a fearless florist and has impeachable eye for colure, a natural romantic style and effortless skill. 


Has been with us almost from the beginning and has become an unstoppable force in the business. she has an incredible work ethic and endless knowledge of the mechanics and logistic side of floristry. Mari is competitive, sharp and efficient. 


The baby of the team. Has an instinctive feel for decorating and loves the organisation side of floristry. Organising events is her forte. As my niece she already has a love for flowers and plants that comes with the genes. 


The team clown. Vicky is always in a happy place and making everybody laugh. She has incredible energy and a great willingness to learn new skills and never fails to bring positive energy to the team. 



Ave. los Canos 34-36 Pueblo Nuevo de Guadiaro 11311 Sotogrande (Cádiz)


+34 956 796 950



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