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So many bouquets on this “Día de la Madre”

Hello Everybody,

Wow what a great weekend we have had!
I have never made so many bouquets on this day DIA DE LA MADRE” before! It’s been such an incredible 3 days of attending to people desperate for a gesture for their mothers whom they cannot see on this day or whom they would normally be spending the day out with!

I’m so happy to have been able to help spread the love!!!
There had been hardly any flowers to get hold of because no one knew how things would work in these circumstances so growers and suppliers where being very careful!

It’s so hard to gage at this point as this is all new to us all.
But the great thing about being creative is exactly that!!!

My self and my twin had to crank up the imaginarium brain cells and make up bouquets with what little we had, with beautiful greenery from my garden and adding gorgeous preserved flowers for a pop of color and making a pretty wrapping style we pulled off some lovely bouquets!

It’s so great to be back!!!!

I will be in the shop most days from 11-1:30 and I fo deliveries after that so if anyone needs some love and happiness you know where to find it!!
Big huge love to all you lovely people!!

And THANK YOU for all you support and love!!

Stay home , stay safe, and think positive.

Big love my friends.




In 2005 I opened FLORIUM in Pueblo Nuevo, Sotogrande. The vision was to provide something more than just a flower shop.

I dare you all to come visit the BEST flower shop in Costa del Sol.

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