Old Photo of Rossie Luke, starting my Flower Shop - Florium Sotogrande, Cádiz - Spain

Old Photo of me, starting my Flower Shop in Sotogrande!

Hello Everybody,

I found this very old and deteriorated photo of me when I started my Flower Shop business in Sotogrande from what seems like a million years ago now!

I started Florium with my lovely friend Jo Hoskins in 2005, with no idea about businesses but loads of enthusiasm and excitement full of ideas and almost manically creative we began to build this unique little bubble of flowers plants and pretty little desirable pots and vases which would determine the look and feel of Florium.

Fifteen years later I sit at home in quarantine with, like you, no idea when it will end and thinking back on all the wonderful creations we have made, incredible design challenges, amazing people we have had the joy to meet and work with and the amount of laughter which is one of our most valuable allies in life!

I’m not sure what is ahead of us after this crazy unprecedented time in our lives, or if things will get back to what they were for any of us, it will take time to adjust to life again as we knew it and put the pieces back in their places but I can assure you I for one cannot wait to be back in our beautiful bubble of flowers plants and pretty things, to welcome all you lovely folks into it and hopefully inspire you with our passion and enthusiasm.

Stay home , stay safe, and think positive.

Big love my friends.




In 2005 I opened FLORIUM in Pueblo Nuevo, Sotogrande. The vision was to provide something more than just a flower shop.

I dare you all to come visit the BEST flower shop in Costa del Sol.

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